Superintendent Jon Fernandez and Deputy Superintendent Joe Sanchez discussed the progression of the Standards-Based Grading (SBG) with GFT President Sanjay Sharma. Teachers will have a district-level professional development day on February 06, 2020, and part of this day will be used to respond to a survey to get feedback from teachers. The intent of the survey is to gauge the level of acceptance amongst teachers to better inform the Guam Education Board and GDOE administrators in planning the progression of SBG. This survey is in collaboration with GFT, administrators, and the teacher leaders who work with SBG. The current plan is to lock the survey so each teacher that has a GDOE account could respond just once. Although the teacher will be identifiable at the onset of the survey to prevent multiple responses, the RP&E division of GDOE will remove the attached names and emails to keep the survey anonymous before further dissemination of the data.

For more information on Standards-Based Grading, parents may contact their child’s school. For additional questions, comments or concerns regarding SBG, please email the project office at or call the SBG Hotline at 300-1363 (voicemail active, so you can leave a message). You may also contact the Division of Curriculum and Instruction at 300-1635 or 1247.