GFT worked with GDOE to offer two calendars, 173 and 180 days, for the Guam Education Board to decide. The 173 calendar has seven (7) additional professional development days built into the calendar, which also serves as make up days in the event make up days are needed. The 180 instructional days are based on the national average; though, any training offered throughout the school year to teachers occur during instructional time.

AP courses: The usual course adoption process warrants that teachers apply to pilot a class with the Textbook-Curriculum committee. Advanced Placement classes also need approval from the College Board prior to being allowed to offer AP credit to our students. GFT is working with the Superintendent to allow for AP classes without the need of being a pilot class. GEB should adopt a policy to allow all AP classes that are approved by the College Board to be offered in all high schools without going through the pilot program process.