Gone are the old laws regarding Workers’ Compensation. On Wednesday, February 12, 2020, Public Law 35-65 and Public Law 35-66 were signed into effect by Acting Governor Joshua Tenorio. The laws, both written by Senator Regine Biscoe Lee, will strengthen and modernize the island’s laws that have remained stagnant for 30 years.

“This needed lifeline is now going to be automatically updated whenever the minimum wage rises — an incremental process that is fair to both employer and employee. These new laws show the transformative good that happens when active stakeholders are met by a legislative will to do what’s right,” Senator Lee said.

With the passage of the laws, employees will finally have fair disability and death benefits, and employers can now count on a more timely adjudication process.

“I want to thank Senator Lee, who has always been an advocate for working families and small businesses, for leading this effort once again,” said Acting Governor Joshua Tenorio. I am also grateful to her colleagues for recognizing that now was the time to act. Those receiving benefits were injured on the job and they shouldn’t be injured twice because our government failed to adjust these rates after more than 30 years.”

GFT President Sanjay Sharma was also instrumental in helping these bills become law as he recommended a higher maximum weekly compensation to further protect employees.