Announcements Guam Port Authority


GFT would like to commend the Port Authority for opening a clinic for workers to get tested should they feel ill. The clinic, which opened Monday, March 23, is staffed by healthcare professionals and open 24/7. Nurses are available to take temperatures and observe patients for any COVID-19 related symptoms. In addition to this service, the Port has also given employees the ability to stay home if they feel sick to monitor their health and the health of other employees.

“I would like to recognize the Port’s General Manager and upper management for all the hard work and due diligence put forth to insure the safety and well being of all Port employees,” said David Teixeira, Port Union Chair. “Employee health was the number one priority in the midst of this virus so we can remain on the job to insure our island stays safe.”

“This type of proactive management by General Manager, Rory Respicio and DGM Operations, Dominic Muna is essential and should be congratulated as they work to keep our island safe and stocked with supplies,” said GFT President, Timothy Fedenko.

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