This year has been challenging in ways that make it feel like an entire decade has passed by. That is why now, more than ever, it is important to pause to take inventory of the things we are thankful for. With so much hurt and pain socially, politically, and with health, now is the time to look toward the positive things that bring us joy.

This Thanksgiving will be different from years past. We may spend more time on our phones, tablets, or computers connecting with family we would ordinarily be sitting next to us. We may have one less seat at the table. Despite all of that, we stand here grateful and thankful for the future yet to come.  We encourage every member of our union to reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for, and turn with an optimistic eye and grateful heart toward the upcoming holiday season, and all the future has to offer us.

For those that are willing to share, what local dishes do you serve during the holiday season that is unique to Guam?  Feel free to drop a link in the comments section.

Celebrate the holidays with family history

This holiday season, educators across the nation are assigning students “The Great Thanksgiving Listen,” an opportunity for people, including students 13 and older, to record meaningful conversations with elders, mentors or someone they admire. Through StoryCorps Connect, students can conduct interviews in person or virtually. The results? Deep learning, engagement and strong bonds among the people who matter most. Learn more at