talks, extending, school, year, 2021, 2022

Many school communities have been reaching out to GFT regarding the Guam Education Board’s (GEB) recent discussions on extending the school year. The Guam Daily Post ran an article entitled GFT to seek time and a half if school year gets extended that grabbed the attention of school communities. To add to the discussion, GFT is seeking to make any extension a part of summer school.  Summer school can be more accessible for students who want to attend summer school.   Extending the school year for the entire school community is not warranted nor feasible. Reducing summer break will affect summer programs outside of GDOE, ruin everyone’s summer plans, and reduce income opportunities of high school students. The GEB will be discussing the extension of the school year along with many other issues this weekend during their retreat on the weekend of December 11, 2021.

Let the GEB members know your thoughts:

Mark B. Mendiola, Chairman

Mary A.Y. Okada, Vice-Chair

Peter Alecxis D. Ada

Felicitas B. Angel

Lourdes M. Benavente

Karlyn R.C.G. Borja

Robert A. Crisostomo

Maria A. Gutierrez

Dr. Ron L. McNinch

Timothy Fedenko, GFT Representative, non-voting

Mayor Melissa B. Savares, MCOG Representative, non-voting

Sophie Nochefranca, IBOGS SY21-22 Representative, non-voting

Jon J.P. Fernandez, Superintendent and Board Executive Secretary, non-voting