Guam’s average pay for teachers severely lags behind the national average, and it is getting further behind. The labor laws in Guam do not allow GFT to negotiate pay for teachers; instead, it is up to the Guam Legislature. In addition, the Guam Legislature pillaged the retirement plan. These actions mean that the Guam Department of Education struggles every year to fill hundreds of vacancies. Raising the wage scale would be one way to recruit and retain teachers.

Elementary School Teachers Mean Pay May 2020

wdt_ID Area Name Annual mean wage
1 Alabama(0100000) 51.280
2 Alaska(0200000) 74.720
3 Arizona(0400000) 47.910
4 Arkansas(0500000) 49.380
5 California(0600000) 85.110
6 Colorado(0800000) 56.150
7 Connecticut(0900000) 79.610
8 Delaware(1000000) 66.140
9 District of Columbia(1100000) 78.840
10 Florida(1200000) 57.520
Area Name Annual mean wage

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics