The Plaintiff Representatives from various Government of Guam agencies (Supported by GFT) filed an amended complaint on July 29, 2022, addressing concerns raised by the Superior Court of Guam. The concerns deal with whether or not the employees are had exhausted their administrative procedures with their agencies for the Emergency Covid Pay (Double Pay) . The Government’s response to that amended complaint is due on September 27, 2022. The Government will hopefully provide its answer to the complaint so that we can proceed forward with litigating the merits of the case.

As with nearly all cases, the wheels of justice move ever so slowly. GFT, a union that represents nearly every government agency, will keep working on behalf of its membership until justice prevails.  The support provided by each union member allows us to defend our rights and paychecks in court and out of court. GFT is strong because you are a part of GFT. You put the “U” in Union.