All we as educators seem to hear these days is “We are sorry.”, “We are working on it.”, “We are still waiting for the contracts.”, the list of reasons goes on continuously but when is enough finally enough? When will accountability reveal itself in a system that promotes every child matters? Simon Sanchez High School has become a buzzword used in articles and news reports. Empty promises when our school itself seems to be on its last legs. The main building built with no windows in classrooms house the majority of the school population. With air-conditioning units breaking down, classroom temperatures are ranging from 80 to 88 degrees on sunny days. No relief is brought even with multiple fans circulating in the room. How can anyone function, let alone learn, in a classroom that feels like a sauna the moment you walk in? Both teachers and students try their best to focus, to teach but to no avail. Several classes happen out in the hallway because it is cooler than the actual room. Repairs are few and far between; ceiling tiles seem to be the only consistent thing that is fixed or replaced. Who replaces them? Our school staff come in on weekends to do this. It is no secret that our school facilities island-wide are in dire need of repair, Simon Sanchez being the one school that has continued to stand in wait, a wait that keeps being prolonged.

Guam Department of Education (GDOE) has 41 schools that serve near 37,000 students. Students and teachers in classrooms need working air conditioners. Yet, GDOE only has two certified HVAC technicians who are able to repair or install air conditioners. Outsourcing air conditioner installations and repairs means delays through the ever slow procurement processes.