The end of the school year has come again and we want to take a moment to thank you for all your hard work. You have helped our kids achieve their goals and grow as people. We also want to thank you for continuing to inspire them even in the tough times. There were many changes this school year. Coming back from an online school environment, we saw a notable difference in the maturity of our students. Because of our health safety protocols, we started with cohorts. With the availability of vaccines, schools opened 100% without cohorts. Masks in school are now optional. Despite all the changes, our community is grateful for all GFT members who support our children in school. It takes a whole community of GFT members to ensure that students receive the care they deserve.

We know that with the support of colleagues and parents, you have helped make this a better place for our students. Our hard work throughout the pandemic saw a 10-25% increase in nurses’ pay, 18% in law enforcement pay, and a 20% increase in teachers’ pay. Democrat senators Telena Nelson and Joe San Agustin look to secure a funding source for the remainder of the fiscal year and beyond for educators.
Many have written to GFT in regards to pay for school aides, firefighters, and several other government employees throughout the island. The next round of pay raises will be a bit more complicated since it will cover a multitude of positions in the general government plan. Remain vigilant, GFT will continue to advocate for you.

Educators, this is your time to relax, recharge, and celebrate with friends and family. Do not forget to check up on your teaching certificate to avoid expiration. For all others, we hope that your summer is relaxing and fun and that you will think of us when those school days start again in the fall!

Thanks again for everything,

Your GFT Familia