The Court has issued a decision on the double pay case, granting a motion to dismiss and saying that sovereign immunity was not waived.

This comes after the first judge in the case did find sovereign immunity was waived.

GFT has in the past, on numerous occasions, fought to recover unpaid wages, overtime, furlough pay, retirement contributions, and even pay-less paydays in the superior court. Never in the past has the court denied these cases on the grounds that the government has sovereign immunity and cannot be sued. Further, the former Attorney General denies the Civil Service Commission has jurisdiction over compensation matters. We cannot now accept that neither the CSC or the Courts will permit claims for wages.

GFT officers will be meeting over the next few days to discuss how this case will proceed.

The Governor of Guam declared a State of Emergency, one such used during times of natural disasters. Various Government of Guam agencies remained open and operational while the initial State of Emergency was in full effect during the uncertain times. GFT members remain uncompensated. Where do we go from here? Will Doug Moylan continue this fight to prevent public employees from receiving the wages they earned during the emergency period? Will we have to pursue this matter on appeal at the Supreme Court? One thing we know for certain, we are not giving up!