Leo Espia was terminated from his position and argues he was fired for simply doing his job. Robert Koss, representative from GFT, believes Espia is caught in the power struggle between Homeland Security adviser Samantha Brennan and Civil Defense Administrator Charles Esteves.

Espia’s termination was due to setting up computers. The computers were established under the direction of Esteves and had been in use for years, but when Brennan discovered them she saw it as a security breach and terminated Espia. Esteves contacted the Civil Service Commission and claimed the termination was unjust, rescinding Brennan’s decision.

Brennan refuses to acknowledge Esteves as an agency head and argues she is in control of the termination.

Koss believes Espia will be reinstated and the longer the dispute continues, the more financial liabilities accrue for the people of Guam. Espia simply wants his job back as he was following orders from his supervisor at the time. The next commission hearing date has not been set.

Unjust firings can happen to anyone. GFT members can expect reasonable assistance to get your job back. If you are not a union member, you risk fighting the case on your own, and possibly spending on hefty legal bills. Spread the word. Make sure your coworkers know what’s at stake.