The Guam school district is facing a critical issue with many of its schools in dire need of repair. The facilities are old, with restrooms that are insufficient and toxic mold found in some classrooms. This not only poses a health hazard to students and staff, but it also hinders the ability for students to receive a quality education in a safe and healthy environment. However, the problem is not just schools; it is a widespread problem affecting nearly all government agencies on Guam.

While the Governor of Guam is doing what she can to address the issue, it is ultimately the responsibility of the Legislature to build new government offices to reduce rental costs and develop and fund a long-term plan to replace schools built nearly 60 years ago. The newly sworn senators in the 37th Guam Legislature introduced 21 Bills so far. None of the Bills addresses the need to create a safe environment for schools and government operations. Instead, we have Bills that want to roll back the Business Privilege Tax. Each year, the Government of Guam spends nearly $15 million on rent, money that could go toward new government buildings and schools.

For instance, the facilities at the Guam Memorial Hospital remain in shambles. Leaking roofs, mold patches, inefficient insulation to keep the rooms cold, and old technology create an unsafe work place for our nurses and patients. Regardless of where the next government-run hospital will be built, the need for a new structure remains. The same could be said about our prison, schools, restrooms at public parks, and the last government building you visited. It is crucial that the public understands the significance of investing in repairs and rebuilding of facilities.

One of the main reasons we invest in facility repairs and rebuilding is to ensure the safety and health of our staff, students, and customers. Old facilities and inadequate restrooms can lead to health issues such as mold exposure and poor air quality. This can not only impact their physical health, but it can also negatively impact their mental health and ability to learn.

Investing in school repairs and rebuilding government facilities also helps to improve the overall educational experience for students. Up-to-date facilities and technology can enhance the learning environment and provide students with the resources they need to succeed. In addition, new school buildings and government buildings can also help to increase property values in the area. This can be a good thing for the community.

Furthermore, investing in school repairs and rebuilding can also lead to cost savings in the long run. By investing in new facilities, the government can reduce maintenance costs and energy expenses. This can help to save money on repairs and energy bills in the long term.

GFT encourages its members to file grievances for schools and work facilities that are worn down and unsafe. Your safety matters to us. An unsafe work place puts everyone at risk for a workplace injury. Reporting these issues can possibly save a life. Do not wait until it is too late. If you need help in filing a grievance, reach out to us at (671)735-4390, visit us at, or email us at Stay safe.

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