The Government of Guam announces the FY24 Open Enrollment Period under a self-funded plan administered through a Third-Party Administrator (TPA) with Calvo’s SelectCare and NetCare.

If you are currently enrolled under GovGuam’s medical and dental plans, the data will be transmitted to the new carriers. You will only need to complete forms under the following circumstances:

  • New Enrollee
  • Change of Status (Change from HSA to PPO or vice versa or changes in class)
  • Termination

You should expect to receive new subscriber numbers (virtual cards) from the providers by October. Your coverage under the new plans will be effective October 1, 2023 – September 30, 2024. If you make no changes, the attached rates will begin deduction on pay period ending October 7, 2023. Please be reminded, it is your responsibility to check your deductions to ensure they correspond correctly.

Not all clinics currently accept GovGuam’s self-funded plan administered by Calvo’s SelectCare. If you use FHP or plan on using Dr. Shieh, for instance, you may need to find another clinic for service.