As Thanksgiving approaches, bringing with it a much-anticipated 4-day weekend, we at the Guam Federation of Teachers (GFT) are eager to express our deep gratitude and best wishes to every member. This festive season is a perfect time to acknowledge our shared blessings, chief among them being the steadfast dedication and hard work of our GFT union members. Your consistent efforts significantly contribute to enhancing various sectors across the Government of Guam, uplifting our community and paving the way for a brighter future on our island.

Your invaluable contribution in shaping and nurturing the minds and lives within our community, especially during challenging times, is a cornerstone of what makes Guam thrive. The strength and spirit you display are the driving forces behind our collective progress, and for this, our gratitude is boundless.

This Thanksgiving, as we unite with family and friends, let’s also reflect on the impactful difference we, as a united workforce, make. GFT members are integral to the fabric of GovGuam, serving in diverse areas such as education, healthcare, Behavioral Health and Wellness, public safety, the Port Authority, and many others. Our shared camaraderie and support as GFT Union members not only strengthen us individually but also fortify our collective resolve.

We encourage you to relish this period of rest, contemplation, and happiness with your loved ones. May your Thanksgiving brim with love, laughter, and the comforting presence of family and friends.

We extend our sincere thanks once more for your unwavering dedication and for being a vital part of the GFT family. We are excited to continue our journey together, striving for a future that’s brighter and more prosperous for everyone in Guam.