As Veteran’s Day arrives, we are reminded to pause and offer our deepest thanks to those who have donned the uniform to serve our nation. These individuals, from varied backgrounds, have made great personal sacrifices to defend the liberties we hold dear.

This Veteran’s Day is about more than gratitude; it’s about recognizing the valor required to serve and the hardships endured—from missing family milestones to bearing the lasting impact of service.

We must also acknowledge the families of these veterans, who have made their own quiet sacrifices back home. On Veteran’s Day, let’s actively show our appreciation by supporting veteran-related causes, reaching out to veterans with a heartfelt thank you, or educating ourselves about their post-service lives.

Our veterans’ sacrifices demand that we live in a manner that honors their commitment—by cherishing our freedoms and working towards a peaceful and just society.

To our veterans: your service and dedication resonate deeply with us, and today, we honor and thank you.