Have you been impacted by an illegal wage garnishment? This is a critical issue that requires your immediate attention.

GFT has recently become aware that the Department of Education (DOE) is asserting overpayment of salary and/or differential pay, affecting employees. DOE is demanding repayment and has begun unilaterally garnishing wages in large amounts, up to $800 per paycheck to collect $2,400 in alleged overpayments.

DOE must either obtain employee consent or a court order before garnishing wages in this manner.

If you have been impacted by this illegal wage garnishment, you must take action right away. Your rights are being violated, and you deserve fair treatment.

Please let GFT know if you have experienced this issue, so we can work together to address it promptly. Time is of the essence, and we look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible. Email Rob Koss at rkoss@gftunion.com