Guam Gubernatorial Election 2022

GFT History and Questions

GFT started as a union in 1965 to represent teachers, and we have grown into a diverse union that represents nearly every government employee. Our mission is to improve the lives and working conditions of our members through collective bargaining, lobbying for worker-friendly legislation, and legal representation. Since the two gubernatorial candidates vying for the Office have spent time in the role of Governor, GFT asked a few pointed questions on how, under their tenure, they improved or planned to improve the lives and working conditions of all employees on Guam.

Question 1

Employees and the residents of Guam deal with dilapidated buildings (e.g. schools , GMH, restrooms at parks, none functional pools, prison) and old equipment (port cranes, police officer safety equipment, firefighter equipment) that cause unsafe working conditions. What have you done under your tenure to address the deficiencies? What are your plans to resolve and fund the ongoing issues of maintaining and building, if necessary, new facilities?

Question 2

The Government of Guam spends millions each year on renting facilities around the island. Addressing this issue has the potential to create a revenue to stream to address the government facilities in disrepair. What are your plans, in your capacity as Governor once elected, to reduce the rental costs of the government?

Question 3

The wages of government and private sector employees have historically lagged behind their national counterparts. This creates an environment where people leave Guam to pursue a better life elsewhere. Most private sector employees rely on social security for their retirement, and the new Government of Guam retirement plan is a paltry 401K equivalent with up to 5% matching. What have you done and what will you do in your role as governor to offer a competitive salary for government employees and to foster an environment where private businesses will prioritize an increase in wages and salaries? What plan do you have to ensure that public and private employees can retire with a decent safety net?

Question 4

The housing prices skyrocketed, and it remains beyond reach for individuals starting a family. In addition, homelessness appears to be on the rise. How will you address the lack of housing inventory and homelessness?

Question 5

People with CHamoru lineage and other residents of Guam have not voted for the island’s political status in many years. Other than action by Congress to adopt the Organic Act, our political status with the United States has not changed since Spain ceded Guam in 1898. With 2022 coming to an end, what actionable timelines do you have in mind to resolve the years of inaction?

Video Submissions

Both candidates submitted a video response to the questions. The officers of GFT and its Committee on Political Education remain nonpartisan in presenting their responses. The responses remain unedited by GFT. The membership will have an opportunity to weigh in on the responses through a survey. The survey instrument will guide the officers on whether to endorse a candidate or not.

69 minutes, 33 seconds

Republican Candidate Felix Camacho

13 minutes, 29 seconds

Democrat Candidate Lou Leon Guerrero (incumbent)